R.I.P. Squash - 2014 Front Ensemble
They are under the direction of...the drum majors? - 2015 Announcer
Presenting their show...RAYILESS - 2016 Announcer attempting to say Royals
Lionel King - (another) 2016 Announcer
Sounds of the Seasons - Anonymous
Quarter note spotted - Amy Berry
BOOM! - Bomb Squad
Don't be a vacuum - Mr. Brunson
Excra cripsy - Mr. Brunson
Cactus! - Preston Buckley
Come on, dude! I gave you the nod of justice! - Dr. Byrd
Hurt me, drums! - Matt Fuller
How you pep so fast?! - Geo Gonzalez
How many bees would you eat? - Grantopher
Naked sandwiches - Lena Hand
Plot twist: the Grapes of Wrath were actually blueberries - Kasey Higginbotham
Mantonic - Homeschool
I LUHH DAT! - Mr. Jordan
The Color Guard is the jazz of the visual package - Mr. Jordan
The problem with having so much knowledges in your head is that music is in opposition - Mr. Jordan
Wear shoes in public - Mr. Jordan

I'm shocked, but not surprised - Carson Lee
JOAQUIN!!! - Larissa Magana
I can hear the squeezing of your butt cheeks for those high notes - Natalie Marroquin
So we don't have much watts?! I don't get it! - Mariana Mayo
Don't judge me! Myeh! - Declan McCahan
5 is a sexy number - McKayla McClain
Dude. James Gourlay just bought fruit from your band - Mr. Messler
Welcome to the Bomb Squad where the counts are made up and the notes don't matter - Mr. Messler
You can go to Ben and Jerry's...that's ice cream - Mr. Nelson
I'm not a player, I'm a lover - Miguel Simmons
I play the peecussion and my favorite ice cream is Napoleon - Tater
Man, me Brunson is the better. Sorry. My head hurt so grammar bad. - Doug Villatoro
Show me the unicorn! - Mr. Steven Walker

Pick up your own mustache! - Gloria Wash
I frequently take pictures with my panda - Kaylie Wilson